Affiliated with The University of Georgia, Athens
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Dr. H. O. Lund

______The origin of the H.O. Lund Entomology Club can be traced back to 1961 with the formation of Alpha Mu Epsilon.  The purpose of AME was to “encourage and increase the interest and study in entomology, and to keep its members informed of current news and activities in the field.”  The logo of AME was designed by Bill Cook.  A honeybee, representing the virtue of entomology, is set on the background of a Cherokee Rose, the state flower for Georgia, which represents purity and integrity.  Beneath the bee is a streamer bearing the words “Entomology” and “U. of GA”.  Members of AME were very active in various professional, social and outreach activities, a tradition that continues today.  The fraternity officially changed its name to the “H.O. Lund Entomology Club” in the late 1970’s in honor of Dr. H. O. Lund who was the first department head of the Department of Entomology.

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