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The main purpose of the Lund Club outreach program is to educate our community about insects and related arthropods.  Members of the Lund Club donate hundreds of hours of their time presenting outreaches to surrounding communities.  The Lund Club also maintains a sizable collection of representative live and preserved insects and arthropods.  Members bring these displays to local schools and events upon request.  Children, as well as their parents and teachers, are given an opportunity to interact with the insects and arthropods in the hopes of dispelling any misconceptions and to learn about the importance of insects to virtually every ecosystem.  Besides local school outreaches, members participating also volunteer at various large-scale annual events, most notably:

  • Insectival at the Georgia State Botanical Garden
  • Georgia State Science Fair
  • South Campus Tailgate
  • Sandy Creek Nature Center

Since September 2002, Lund Club members have brought our outreach programs to more than 5000 spectators.  Our outreach programs have generated positive community publicity for the University of Georgia and the Department of Entomology.

For an outreach program to come to you, please fill out an: Outreach request form

Please allow two weeks notice

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